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New Flavors

Super Fudgy With
chocolate chunk cake, little bit o’cheesecake, homemade fudge layer, toasty nuts
Super Fudgy Without
Same as above with no nuts
The Erin
vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter cream swirl cake, peanut butter and fudge ganache, peanut butter icing
Squash Game
Roasted spiced butternut squash, little bit o’cheesecake, candied pecans, chocolate chunks
The Peach Pit
Caramelized fresh peaches, white chocolate pieces, champagne super whipped buttercream
The Kayleigh
chocolate cake, chocolate chip cheesecake, super whipped cream, fresh berry

Staff Picks

Dark molasses ginger pound cake, white chocolate sugar crunch, vanilla bean buttercream
Turtle Power
Chocolate cake, little bit o'cheesecake, triple chocolate ganache, caramel and toasty candied pecans
Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallows, marshmallow buttercream
Dark chocolate cake, little bit o'cheesecake, homemade blueberry lavender preserves
German Chocolate
Traditional German chocolate cake, milk chocolate ganache, gooey coconut and candied pecans goodness
Zucchini and blackberry cake, chocolate ganache, super whipped buttercream.
Bunny Love
Carrot cake cupcake baked with a layer of toffee and topped with cinnamon cream cheese.
Chocolate Chip Pancake Cupcake
Vanilla bean cake with mini chocolate chips and super whipped maple buttercream topped with powdered sugar.
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcake
Super moist devil’s food cake with a blend of freshly ground hot peppers and spices topped with a chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped jalapeno slices
Dark chocolate cake, little bit o’ cheesecake, homemade raspberry balsamic preserves, chocolate ganache.
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
My personal favorite! Deliciously crisp, real bacon crumbled into a unique chocolate chip cookie batter. You will make friends with this treat!
Berry Lemonade
Vanilla bean and yogurt cake with seasonal berries swirled in and topped with butter cream, pink sugar and even more berries!
The Cave
Traditional black bottom cupcake topped with a three chocolate ganache and freshly chopped bacon. You may have to sit in a dark room alone with this cupcake. He means business.
Silly Monkey
Fresh banana butter cake with milk chocolate chunks, peanut butter cream frosting topped with a chocolate covered pretzel
Happy Hour
Chocolate and stout cake with irish cream icing topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean

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