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Megan Jenny, head cupcake wrangler, discovered her sweet tooth at an early age when she tasted her first gummy bear. She was then transformed and a fully committed sweets junkie. Growing up in a small farming community, Megan has always been obsessed with food and the creation of ingredients found in her backyard and on her friend’s farms. Her best memory was watching a mountain of gingersnaps being baked by her grandmother in a tiny house. The smell filled the little home and Megan had the responsibility of sliding the cookies off of the sheets. Did she drop a few and possibly eat them off of the floor….yes. Megan was fortunate enough to be chosen a bridesmaid in over 10 weddings. The pink dresses didn’t cloud her vision, but the taste of the wedding cakes was a little to be reckoned with.  Megan then created the Cleveland Cupcake Company. The main goal of the company is to bring fresh, innovative and local ingredients into our cupcakes and cookies. We pick our own berries, make our own sauces, jams, chutneys and combine savory and sweet to make your wedding cupcakes, corporate event cupcakes and birthday cupcakes that much more unique. Taste is never compromised and if you’re looking for fondant, this is not the place for you. The Cleveland Cupcake Company is rustic and known for their complex flavor variations.


Erin Jenny, the blonde bomber, is our head counter and delivery gal. She always brings a smile to the company and offers a great positive attitude. Erin is the little sister of the head Cupcake Wrangler and a true delight to have on the cupcake front. (Our mom did not make us say that.)


The Cleveland Cupcake Company has teamed up with The Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo, The Children’s Miracle Network, Race for the Cure, The Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Banff film festival and other local community groups. We love and support the great people of Cleveland and hope to add to the unique culture that is already in place.

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